Chris Naderer(non-registered)
Looking at your photos after finding them following up on a search for your great uncle, Roy E Jones. I am the daughter of Donald W Wilcox, a fellow Ensign that served with your great Uncle in WWII.
He wrote a letter regarding the accident that took the life of Roy E Jones.
Very moving story that my father did share occasionally when the topic of war, flying and the like would come up. But other than that, did not speak of his war experiences much.
I have missed him dreadfully since his passing.
Best to you.
Barb Purnell(non-registered)
Enjoyed our visit on the plane. Your photos are stunning! Thank you for sharing this sight with us.
I do really like your art, good job :)
Lori Barnhart(non-registered)
Hi Keith. Love love your photos.
Pat Jones (Cousin Bob)(non-registered)
You are a gifted photographer, Keith! Bob would have loved all of these photos, too! (He led many 50mile hikes along the WA coast.)
Edd Kuehn(non-registered)
Klauber said I had to check out your website, so glad I did, wonderful images
Melissa Hollon(non-registered)
It was a pleasure meeting you at Cape Al last month. Thank you for sharing the local history and beautiful campsite. I can't wait to go back and visit the native American museum. Hope all is well in Olympia :)
Sally Tomar(non-registered)
I really enjoy looking at your photo's especially when we have nothing as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest here in Hobbs, New Mexico. Makes me homesick.

You make it look so easy, but I'm sure it has taken years of practice.
Marvin Waid(non-registered)
Keith..great photos - I especially liked the one of Seattle.. Thanks for sharing all these great photos...truly amazing you captured all the beauty.
Kate Adams(non-registered)
Keith - your photos truly inspire me. This part of the world is so beautiful and the moments are so precious. Thanks for catching so many thought provoking images. I look forward to seeing lots more.
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