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Created 13-Jan-12
80 photos

You'll find some of my most recent work or old favorites here...
Mountain Goat PortraitRialto SunsetRoutes Roads MagazineLogan Pass Mountain GoatCarly Christensen 1951 AJSTacoma Glass MuseumStrawberry  PointGreen ButterflyHalfdome, YosemiteSunset PointCrater LakeCarly Polka DotCrater Lake, OregonCrater Lake SunriseTacoma Glass MuseumCougarMountain Goat

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Keith Anderson Photography
Saturday night? I was at Killan Falls the day after High Camp, and we had quite a lightening display Saturday night - I was GLAD I wasn't still up at High Camp during that storm. :-) There was a bit of hail as well. I could see the Cascade Creek fire the next morning to the south. Today - 9/17 - the fire is up to 6,467 acres and only 4% contained. Foresters claim that 60% of the trees in that area are bug-killed, so the forest needs to be cleaned out, but the photos in that area will have a new look next year...
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